Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trip And Sights

In case you didn't notice , I'm a terrible diarist. I hope you'll forgive me. I might even make up words when left to my own devices.

Today is a day of making up things that don't exist - to create later -to bring them out of the dark recesses of my mind to you. To explain I spent a few minutes writing up the next 10 article proposals for RHM. Once I get on the roll of thinking what to cover it doesn't take long.
It took me longer to think of alliteration names for orange,---- peach , persimmon, pumpkin, I wanted a fourth but was foiled. Any ideas ?

It's not even September and I feel a great need to get organized, in the most difficult place to achieve this.... my mind !

The first thing I want to do is relate a couple of things I saw on my summer vacation.
One was Van Gogh's Starry Night.

It is small.
It is much more richly coloured than we have been lead to believe in print.
It is covered with glass
It's frame does not meet the edges of the paint.

Hmmm, It is amazing how much we can forgive the work of the famous and scruntinize the work of the hooker to the right or left for some grevious error..... I'm pointing directly at myself here.
Why I hazard to guess if Vincent took his Starry Night to get certified as a rug hooking teacher they just might fail him....

I also saw the Cypresses. Very thick with paint and shiny. Not behind glass. This picture uses the dark foreground and light background to great effect. The heavy weighted block of the Cypress is not matching the lightness of the airy sky depicted.
Once again not a good rug in the expected sense but instead it is MAGIC. Intriguing. Thought provoking.

I saw many paintings that day at the Yale University Art Gallery.
Ones of Note:
Vincent's Cafe at Night.... the colours are electric.
Early Monet- looks unfinished ( and perhaps really is )
Late Monet - looks over worked ( how can you tell when enough is enough ?)
Dali- tiny , tiny work painstaking work

I also went to the British Museum across the street.
Filled with portraits.
Yup -- filled
You know I like them. I noticed how flawlessly fabric is depicted, like you can touch the silk or astonishingly LACE, but then there is a hand lying on it with as much life as side of bacon.
Good to know others fall into the same trap as rug hookers.
EYES that look wet !!!
Dead backgrounds
Very Serious countenances, not too many emotions, joy , dismay , anger or devotion showing.
Especially amused by the portraits of married couples. Who is pinching whom ?
Liked looking at the glasses ....the clothes, the poses , weakly portrayed pets.

I loved seeing all this stuff.
Will endeavour for more depth in backgrounds, more drama in the face, more realism every where. More evocotive eyes.
And more colour always.

Please note a beautiful landscape viewed from The Taconic HWY in NY with the all present in my mind heavy foreground and delicate background.

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