Thursday, August 21, 2008

Updates on the Geometrics- Today's Hook-in

It was a strangely hot day today but we still met and hooked together. Well... me not hooking at all but everyone else was as well as doing some finishing. Dayle says she is on the Fall Fair Count down getting things ready to enter. She is making a wonderful horse's as in a field with a barn and it is a wonder! Will post it when all the finishing touches are done.

Barb came with an ingenious way to keep her nylons in order ! Her project is really looking beautiful too, beauty and brains, some girls have all the luck.

Pure Genius - we have temporarily called it The Imitation Arm.

Jane, who is a brand new hooker brought her completed geometric to learn to finishing techniques.
She did a terrific job! She cut a nylon in a spiral on a bread crumb can to get a good long strip to whip with.
I leave the decisions about where to place colour to the student.
She is a natural ( born hooker ).
We are really proud of her accomplishments.

Also Sue is pretty much done her piece, she recently used it to demostrate and was pleased at people's response.
She tied some of the legs of the hose to show easily what she was hooking with. She is so terrific at demonstrating , she has a wonderful way with people.

Erin 's geometric is really looking lovely, this is only her second project but really I think it classifies as her first, she began with a kit. She is doing an amazing job ! Great Colour Combos.

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