Friday, August 29, 2008

Hook-in Tales

Lots of times at hook -in we get talking about other important things, like cooking and books.
Here is Barbie just after we decided who should win the Booker this year !

Here is Shirley proudly and with reason showing off the rug she is creating entirely from leftover bits of wool. She says it is fascinating to see what happens next, that's something Sue says about her nylon piece too.

Shirley said the most important thing she learned yesterday was the fact that two quite different appearing wools could hook up looking remarkably similar. Here are the two.

Shirley also said we need to chronicle the most important part of the day ...... Thea, did the wonderful baking for me because I fell off my bike the day before and felt a little off my game ! She loves to bake ! We all hope you can join us for Thursday Hook-in some day !

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