Friday, August 29, 2008

Hook-in Happenings

Yesterday we had all the various things possible in a hook -in, rug beginnings , rug endings and rug difficulties overcome.

Here Lorraine hooks on a picture of her home , it is simply magnificent. Lorraine is a hooker with a rare talent, she knows how to look.

Marge is hooking away on her nylon piece, she was wondering how she might finish it, she decided to whip it with nylon by cutting one continuous strip in a spiral by placing the leg of the stocking on a bottle. You can knit fun things this way too with the continous strip.

Jane has finished off the edges of her first piece and is on to her second, this is her first wool piece. She is using a cross stitch pattern she had already done and it is interesting to go from one colour sensibility to the other. I can barely wait to see how things work out.

Melanie came for visit, she is working on a piece of her husband blowing his horn.... what a great job she is doing !
She brought us some wonderful beets and a bunch of basil the size of extreme happiness for me. She knows the way to my heart !

Sue lamented the fact she only has a few squares of her nylon piece to go, maybe she will try a wool one.

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