Thursday, November 6, 2014

Big Giant Stewpot - A Dyeing Method

I love using this method Michele Micarelli taught me.
It is useful for everything I can think of I'd hook.
I tend to use my canner and a wooden spoon and do quite a bit of wool at at time.

Great Big Stewpot 

Equipment: crockpot/kitchen kettle/big canner
wooden spoon handle (long) or chop stick

Here is the wool selection I used

According to the size of your pot select at least 1 dz assorted wools of varying colours, patterns, etc. Your objective is to have the wool float around some what freely. This is great for using up leftover pieces of wool or you can select new wool.  If your pot is big, I select bigger pieces or more wool. Your aim is to not have the wool packed in.

Decide on your main colour, write it down. Who are it's neighbours? Look
at either side of it on the colour wheel. Write these down.
If you pick red you will find violet, red violet, (red)
red orange, orange, yellow. Select dyes you have written down these will included your main colour and its neighbours to either side. If you must invite a neighbour from across the street remember they will be so dulling to the party.

Add wool to hot dye bath.
Wet spoon handle/chopstick.
Tap off excess water.
Dip directly into dye, stick into pot various places until utensil is clean.
Tap off excess water, dip into next dye stick into pot in new places.
Do this with each dye until all on your list have been used.
No stirring - Stick the dye covered spoon handle or chopstick straight to the bottom of the pot.
You might need to reload your utensil. I like to put  each dye in at 1/4 interval, like the points of a compass, I move a few degrees for each dye I apply.

Add acid after a decent interval with the same dipping method.

Here is the results of The Big Giant Stewpot

Here's the stool top I hooked with it as a background.

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