Monday, November 17, 2014

Effective Habits for Rug Hookers and The Show is On

We were so busy here getting ready for the Pottowatomi Spinners and Weavers Show this coming week end.

 We made beautiful yarns, big crazy batts, wool for hooking or penny rugs and quilting. We have some hand dyed jersey cardiwraps, scarves and fingerless gloves! We are bringing kits of our Majic Carpet Acid Dyes for wool, silk and nylon of course and other amazing tools to use yarn with and delightful bags of gubbins to spin with.

We hope you will stop buy..... you know I love a pun!

We are up to our elbows in newly dyed goods to delight you with!
                                    You'll see some of them soon in the WandaWorks store.

On my free studio, The WandaWay our boon this week is about a 3 part career spanning series of 7 effective hooking habits. Three times in my teaching career I've visited the ideas I think help us be more eloquent story tellers and habitually successful in our hooking craft.
To see this boon please go to The Main, look in the middle section and scroll down

One of the effective habits I list is to Search The Welcome Mat,  it is the bargain of the century. You will never learn so much for so little, no matter your area of interest in rug hooking. It costs about 10¢ a day. That is as close to free as dammit is to swearing! Go here to join up. 
Another effective habit I gave was get help if you need it. I have a classroom in WandaWay Studio where I do individual, one on one tutoring for only $100, How much does 1 hour over a week at rug school cost you? That's about how much time I can spend with you there when my class is full. It is a wonderful way to get yourself going in the direction you desire. Includes a skype or facetime session!
People have told me lately they need me to build them a wool palette for their rugs.
I'm offering that service now online! It's called Build Me A Palette Please.
Also Citric Acid Crystals are now for sale at WandaWorks, we are flat packing them in 350 gr bags for cheaper shipping for Canadians!

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