Tuesday, November 11, 2014

These Gorgeous Golds and Dyeing Them Over More Wool

I love showing you the wonderful variety of yellows you can dye.
I made a formula and from this got both a light and a darker yellow. I dyed only sample sizes of wool, 1/16th yd of natural wool with Majic Carpet Dyes using a dye bath method.

My yellow needs extreme heat and a low acid environment, this is why when I spot dye at 350˚F in my oven it takes up and also when I use my electric skillet, always set to 400 ˚F yellow gives me no problem. If I were you I’d not add acid until after all or most of the colour has disappeared from your dye bath. Heat up that dye bath and don't add acid until most of the colour has taken up. Steam can really get the temperature up so use a lid.

Dissolved in ½ cup of water

1/64 tsp. Yellow
1/128th tsp. Orange


To make Butter use 1 Tbsp. of Formula 1

 Buried Bullion

To make Buried Bullion add in 1/128th of Black and 1/128th tsp. Seal Brown to the remainder of Formula 1 or the whole ½ cup if you desire only Old Bullion. The 1 tbsp. added in or removed will not make a perceptible difference.
If you need a much, much brighter colour add no extra dye.

Expand these recipes for 1/16th of a yard into recipes for:
¼ yd. (multiply by 4)

1/64th tsp. x 4  = 1/16th tsp
1/128th  tsp. x 4  = 1/32 tsp.
1 toothpick  ½ inch x 4 = 2 inches of wet toothpick
1 toothpick ¼ inch x 4 = 1 inch of wet toothpick

For ½ yd (multiply by 8)
1/64th tsp. x 8  = 1/8th tsp
1/128th  tsp. x 8  = 1/16 tsp.
1 toothpick  ½ inch x 8 = 1/256th tsp
1 toothpick ¼ inch x 8 = 2 inches of wet toothpick

For 1 yd (multiply by 16)
1/64th tsp. x 16  = ¼  tsp
1/128th  tsp. x 16  =  1/8th tsp.
1 toothpick  ½ inch x 16 = 1/128th tsp

1 toothpick ¼ inch x 16 = 1/256th tsp.

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