Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Over Dyeing Tips For Wool

I love being in the wool business. If you find merchandise is sitting on the shelf for awhile all you need to do is refresh it by over dyeing. Much better than selling lettuce or peaches or men.

Many of us throw caution to the wind and just throw everything in a pan and hope for the best when we over dye.
That's a great modality.

I'm much more controlling than that.
I want to see my expected outcome prevail or be bested.

It is good to have a chart that is general, not about any dye company but about 9 general colours of dye and 12 colours of wool and what happens when you mix them.

I happen to have made just such a chart.
It is free on The Mat
Or for sale in my store.

Look how pretty this part of it I'm showing you is!

It's a useful tool.

I have some great little tips on overdyeing for you too over where we practise Majic.
I think you should join The Majic Carpet Club. I give extra delicious tidbits there. And it is wonderfully, perfectly free.

Have a great day!
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