Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Mistress of Majic Carpet Dyes says The Store is Open

There have been people who have commented I have a rainbow up my arse.
I cannot see it that effectively so I'll leave that for you to observe... quietly please.

What I can tell you is Majic does happen to me rather frequently.
And very colourful Majic. For instance after a very long but fruitful day plugging away at Majic Carpet Dye business, I laid down to rest.
This is what happened. Yes, without trickery, lights, drugs or Photoshop.

And not only once...

But twice and with different colourways. It made me laugh.
We feel deliciously colour blessed here.
And I'm glad to report it was not coming from my arse but from more heavenly heights.

If you want to be in such an awesome space when you dye I suggest you go to
Our dyes, the Majic Carpet Dyes, formerly owned and operated by Rittermere Hurst Field are ready for sale.

Questions? We have a list of FAQs right here.

Want to join our club for Majic Carpet Dye users? There is nothing else like this around for other brands. It is already amazing and I have many great plans for it and it's completely free. It's in my online school The WandaWay Studio  Go to the Classrooms to look for The Majic Carpet Club to sign up.

Hmmmm what dyeing tidbit will I share tonight.....
OK I don't know if you always do this but I think it is one of the most important tricks to foster when dyeing.... As soon as you take the lid off your dye jar - measure quickly - and get the lid back on pronto.

If you spill that stuff or something drops in it to contaminate your colour you will feel sorry.
Lid off, lid back on before you do another thing.

How about a pretty colour to dye tomorrow?
Over ¼ yd. of natural wool in a dye bath with Majic Carpet Dyes (though you can use which ever dyes you choose for somewhat similar though not exact results)

Wet wool with an additive such as shampoo, Jet Dry or Synthrapol to prepare it to dye.  Heat a receptacle of water to dye in, for the smooth dyeing of ¼ yd use approx. 1 gallon of water.  Add dye formula into the dye bath, making sure it is dissolved.
 Add wool. Heat at simmer for several minutes stirring for smooth application of dye. Add in 1/32 to 1/4 tsp. citric acid depending how dark the colour, about 10 minutes into the process or until most of the dye is taken up. The latter is what I do. Continue heating until the water is perfectly clear or per your own directives.  Rinse well, use dryer or hang to dry.

Powdered Turquoise
3/32 tsp. Turquoise
1/64 Bottle Green

If you really enjoy delightful dyeing I know you will devore my dyeing column in The Welcome Mat. Currently I'm comparing three dye company's ( Cushing/ ProChem/ Majic)  main colours for leads on how to sub them for each other. It is called Colour Craft and contains great recipes and hints on how to handle bright strong colours too. I think you'd love it. We are also playing with my Point Method of dyeing, video instructions and recipes, so much fun!
See you there!


  1. Love the aura....And I must make some powdered turquoise...what a gorgeous color/colour ...Gracias! :)

  2. Congratulations on your new is obvious the Gods were smiling on you!

  3. Thank you all so much, yes I was getting a colour blessing for sure!