Monday, September 8, 2014

Fashion From The BedQuarters - What we did on our summer vacation

Man made me a bed desk this summer and I loves it, I've had foot surgery and I'm not to bear weight.
And I have shit to do.

Pictured above is my precious sewist Elyse helping me construct a couturier garment for my friend in  need. She was a MOG on Saturday, Mother of the Groom and her appointed seamstress let her down.

Into the breach we strode hopped because I only have one leg to stand on.

We worked bleventy bleven hours.

We made a bustle, a ball skirt with feathers stitched into the fancy gathered waistband, and her name was stitched there too. And a blouse with amazing Mood Fabric buttons.

  Here is her totem jacket, everything means something to her family on it!

Even the skirt bottom has a feathered edge.
 A fine time was had by all.
All 70 fashion diva hours of sewing.
But we are all well pleased.

Note: this was edited by Elyse 


  1. What a simply stunning dress and jacket! Beautiful work.
    jill in Ontario

  2. WOW! What a magnificent outfit. I'm so glad to see the photos of it. I was wondering how you were managing to sew while still in bed :)

  3. Thank you Kathleen! It was hard to sew from bed but we were so pleased with our accomplishment and my dear friend was over the moon!

  4. An extraordinary work of art, Wanda. I love the picture of you and your apprentice. I just bet MOG was so thrilled.

  5. Yes, this project made us all very happy Paulette!