Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Majic Carpet NEWS And Yellow Formulas

You have only tomorrow to wait and we will be open for Majic Carpet Dye orders.
We have been working very hard to get ready.

We are thankful for your patience with my one leggedness and interest in our new product at WandaWorks. Our strengths are different than Rittermere Hurst Field's were and this necessitates changes. We know you'll understand we all need to foster our specialities and work with our greatest aptitudes. We hope these changes will be welcome ones.

Here are the answers to FAQs we've had lately.

How do we order?
We are a mail order business. We have no phone. You can order online on our website or download an order form to mail or write by snail mail or email us and request a form.  Our email is majiccarpet@bmts.com

What can we order?
You can order the regularly sized Majic Carpet jars with 2/3 oz dye or bigger jars with 1,1/3 oz dye  or refill for the 2/3 oz jar.
You can order glauber salts and citric acid soon. Dye lessons, formula collections are available in PDF form to purchase too.

When can we order?
We would like you to order starting Thursday September 18th  at  www.wandaworks.ca
You can look around our website now but we are still in the process of polishing some areas such as shipping which might be crucial in your order.

I'd like to place a wholesale order.
We are not wholesalers. This is not part of our business dynamic but welcome any all orders including those that will stock your shelves. Please add what you need to to recover costs and profit.

Can I buy big jars like you use?
Yes you can upon special request. There is no discount on these products. You pay by the unit measure which is 2/3 oz.

Can I be your US distributor?
We have no plans to seek special distribution at this time.

Can I get a discount if I'm a teacher?
I've long thought teachers don't charge enough for classes if they are dependant on discounts from suppliers to aid their paycheck. We will be looking at this in future to see if my bad attitude needs refining. Mind you I can have this attitude as I am a teacher of many years. As a business person I would need to raise the price for everyone to accommodate this discount.  I'd rather not.

Our thrust with this new venture is to offer not only dyes to the home dyer but information, affirmation and support with their dyeing ventures. We want to be in direct contact with our consumers. We love these dyes. We want to feel the Majic with you and bring even more of it to your dyeing life.

Let's Talk About Yellow Now
Majic Carpet Yellow is a low acid reactive dye.
This means you add no acid during the dye bath process,  that the more acid you add the less likely it is to work. Adding a lid on the other hand is a great idea as Yellow loves a very high heat, greater than a simmering can provide. A lid on let's steam act to raise temperatures beyond the boiling point.

Even when I'm using a tremendous amount of Yellow, say 1 tbsp or more, I would only add acid when the water is almost clear.
When doing a spot dye, I do not add acid along with the yellow dye. The high heat and neighbouring acidity is enough to have it strike to the wool.

Yesterday an anonymous Pear Maker asked if our recipe Caryn would make a good pear (use the refill link above to see it.)
Today I'm sharing some info on make good yellows in case a golden pear is what was required.

For the following samples I used 1/32 of Magic Carpet Yellow plus a few grains of the other colours listed over a
piece of wool that is 4 "x 18" ( 1/16th yd.) 

To dull down yellow use a few grains of black, be careful it
will turn green if you add too much black.

  To lessen yellow's intensity use a few grains of blue violet (I
usually use a toothpick, dipped dry into the dye, or dipped wet if I require
more dye).

 To deepen yellow add magic carpet chocolate brown.

To cool it use a 1/4 in damp round toothpick of Magic Carpet Moss Green.

I recommend using Magic Carpet dyes for a great dependable beautiful yellow that will "go" with most anything. A few blue violet grains added to this strong yellow creates a colour that is unequaled. If I was banished to a desert island made of wool this is the yellow dye I would want in my

When I am trying for good usable yellows as I add dye colours to the yellow, say I add brown to yellow to make it more dark and warm, I paint the dye on a white paper. This way I can see if I have achieved my desired result.  I add more dye if needed or stop if I'm getting close to my desired colour. Only add very small increments at a time to the yellow. Paint a strip each time you do . This is the best way to test for colour without wasting wool. Use the dye solution like a paint.

 I hope this help you out Dear Pear Hooker.


  1. Thanks for yellow info, would love to know what you recommend as a recipe for skin.................

  2. Anonymous, are you Jan?
    Scant amounts of any of the browns for Caucasians if you want less artful skin. Artful bent? Any colour can be a skin tone, ANY.