Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall- ing in Love - Majic Carpet Dyes and The Spirit Hare Pattern

The fall is always a special time for me, I love the wild skies, the bright colours and the beautiful days.
And it is also time on The Welcome Mat for our free Fall Spirit Animal pattern. I love this series we have, we do so many amazing renditions of these patterns.
This year Caryn Devlin of The Wool Garden has drawn The Spirit Hare for us.
Here is part of this amazing pattern.

He is communing in a spirit world!

And best of all, this week our newest addition to WandaWorks, Majic Carpet Dyes is ready to launch.

Have you got your ticket to ride ?

I'm excited to announce our countdown for online sales of The Majic, (the Majic Carpet Dyes) on my website starting September 18th, only 5 more days to wait!

Want to ride the Majic Carpet with me?  I'll be pulling some rabbits out of hats for you with formulas and dye instruction each week in The Wanda Way Studio ( my school for rug hooking online).
I've started a club there for all things Majical..... go here to join us, it is free and there are formulas and boons posted each week for all to use. Look for The Majic Carpet Club.

I'll continue to support all things dyeing on The Welcome Mat and in RHM.
Have a great week!

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