Monday, September 15, 2014

Only Three More Days Until Your Majic Carpet Arrives

Are you almost ready to roll?
Only 3 more days to wait to place your order for Majic Carpet dyes.

Look at our new product, the Majic Carpet Dye Jar Refill.

Instead of buying a jar again and paying higher amounts for shipping we can pack you up a great refill selection per your order and you can refill your jars! We've tested it extensively and it survives shipping wonderfully. We even send you decanting instructions with some fun ways to use the scant dye remaining in the zip lock.

This product is totally green in so many ways ... let's celebrate.

Here is an unusually coloured green called Caryn
It is tremendously useful in your stash as it is chameleon like... elusively acting gold in some environments and green in others.


Using Majic Carpet Dyes
2/32  tsp. Moss Green
2/32 tsp. Orange

Mix formula together with boiling water, pour into a dye bath over a wet 1/8th yd natural wool. Heat was added, then citric acid or vinegar after about 5 minutes. Wait until water clears. Rinse well, dry in dryer or hang to dry. Multiply x 2 for 1/4 yd of wool. Multiply x 4 for a half yd. 


  1. Looking forward to trying this unusual color. Thanks Wanda.

  2. Would this color work to hook a large pear,or is it to green.