Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Poppy Colours

It's research and development day here tomorrow so I'll be offline.
I've got a delicious poppy rug awaiting me and some catch ups and laying some creativity ground work.
Without R&D days I couldn't do a thing. But I've got some formulas to share with you.

Here are a few beautiful colours for you to break out all poppy like using my hand crafted Majic Carpet Dyes

I would say these colours below are quite a few degrees brighter than shown, sorry my camera does not do good job of hot colours.
I used a dye bath method to create these colours over 1/8th yd of wool. See microwave bath method video here. This is a link to The Welcome Mat for those of you who are members.
You can also use a stove top dye bath.

True Love
3/32 tsp. Red
1/32 Red Violet
Purty Love 
2/32 tsp. Red Violet
Barney Love 
2/32 tsp. Blue Violet 
1/32 tsp.Blue

Love is all there is!

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