Friday, October 18, 2013

The Heartful - Handful Movement

Do you feel like joining this wonderful initiative from my online studio, The Welcome Mat?

This movement will last one month starting October 20 and lasting until November 17.
During that time you will do three things as often as you can. These three should be done in conjunction with each other, in the same time/ space.
Each day do these: (or every other day or once a week - entirely up to you, the more you do the more you will get from it.)
• Find three things to be thankful for that you love.
• Two visuals that inspire you,  you will add to a journal, this can be a digital journal. These should only be things you LOVE.
• One little line drawing, gathering of thread, wool or any other doodle that takes no more than 10 minutes. You may use what you've always wanted to but didn't until now.I give you permission. Finally you can get to it.
This is the minimum, you can do more and expand your heart and hands as needed.
The objective is to be full of heart, full up of what you love.
Then to use our hands to get them full of what truly turns our crank.
Then to record your wandering threads that will lead to your true heart.
We hope this in turn will spark your deep heartfelt creativity for your hands because you will be feeding it and keeping it in a hot house of happiness.
We will share what we think when we want to,  to show others what we do.
We will love all we see and be sparked by the beauty you reveal to us.
You in?
Please tell every hooker and artist you know. Push this link to your blog, start a discussion on your network, let's get it on!
Go to my Facebook page to show us your unique heart work during this month if you are not a member of The Welcome Mat.
Or pin your heart leanings and gleanings on Pinterest here

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