Saturday, August 3, 2013

Asheville Open House - August 13th

I'm having an open house while I'm in Asheville and you are invited.
August 13th, 12 to 4 is the day and time and I'd love to meet you, pour you some homemade lemonade and sit hooking a spell.
If you would like to come email me for the particulars.
I've got some lovely wool, just as pretty as a picture.

These are the ones that didn't make muster and had to be changed.

We take Visa and Mastercard if need be.
write to


  1. I am curious about why you use this black -with-gray polka dotted background that makes your writing so difficult to read. If I subscribed to the Welcome Mat would I still have to squint and try to read the print through this? I think it would be important for me to know if I were to subscribe! I do love your dying articles in Rug Hooking Magizine.

  2. Hi Anon,
    Thank you for writing per your concerns about the legibility of my blog. On my browser all writing is very plain. The blog posts, writings are in a white field , much like a letter you might get in the mail.
    Perhaps your browser is not up to date and is not loading all that is present. Try at your public library and let me know what it looks like on another computer. I think your problem might be eradicated.
    Thank you also for your interest about The Welcome Mat. It is an entity unto itself and the design of it and function is easy to preview here, 
    If you love my articles you will be madly in love with The Mat where I have a weekly column and tons of videos and new methods as well as lots of hooking info and fun to partake in.