Sunday, October 20, 2013

Heartful Handful #1

I love this book Alicia made me when I turned 50  
I'm grateful for her and it and love putting it to use for this creative movement.

I love the way Man" let me wear a wool felt '30s style cloche to Walmart with a pretty funky coat and  didn't bat an eye when people stared us down and up!

I love the delicious smell of steak and gravy cooking away while I play

I'm inspired today by the colours of smashed  grapes and fallen leaves on the wet deck

And my spectacular bird house from the Folk Art Centre near Asheville, NC that was an extravagance but delights me several times a day. I appreciate it deeply and the thinking that goes into the creation of it.

I made a little crochet ring out of rayon thread I had been wanting to try, as I sewed it in it seemed to be part of or connected to a web so I put it in one.

PS.... Alicia taught me to crochet!


  1. I like your little blue birdhouse and fun times in the blue ridge mountains. :)

  2. Good times Mrs. Woman, good times.