Monday, October 28, 2013

Heartful Handful 8 and 9

Day 8
I was very grateful for a brisk walk in the woods, seeing hundreds of coin shaped and coloured poplar leaves, the only pennies we have now.

I was happy to go grocery shopping and stock up but shouldn't have gone before breakfast. I was excited to buy a good heavy bag of Cara Cara oranges, my one true orange love.

I'm "bed talker" I just love yapping at night as I go to sleep and Man indulged me. If he would read me a story I would be right indulged.

I was inspired by this artist. The plastic one made me tear up for his inventiveness.

And by the sound of this:

As I cooked our fantastic dinner.

I made this:

a test pattern for a pin cushion and I have a pin in my mouth hence the stranger than normal expression, hence the need for an exquisite pincushion.

Day 9

Grateful for SUNSHINE
Love the dyeing of wool
LOVE wood heat

I was inspired by 

my new formulas  I dyed for my  Welcome Mat dye column, the article is called:
"Aren't 9 shades of grey enough?" and I know there are 10 there, just wanted to show how they work as a lighter version, and might I say splendido. Makes me want to WRITE A DAMN BOOK.
I used cushing, pro chem and majic carpet dyes.

The Aryballos Owl in the Louvre
I wish I had him to look at when I did my owl instead of the coin.

And I made my other fingerless glove and sewed them both up, yes more then 10 minutes but once I get parked for making, well you know yourself it is hard to put down.

Now it is time for all good pets to get walked!
I typed that while wearing my gloves.
I left the energy in the wool and it is very nice, like a therapeutic glove, it is very elastic and forms to your hand. A girdle without the circulation constriction. Yes my hands need a fricking girdle, don't yours?

Have a good night!

This post has been sponsored by The Welcome Mat where new recipes for all dyes are made each week and archived.
What are you missing?

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