Sunday, October 27, 2013

Heartful Handful Movement Day 7

Today I was so happy to leave this house and buy terrific things like honey and carrots and brussel sprout and some GF cheese buns. What a treat not to have to make these buns myself.

I'm grateful for the invention of  a "london fog" 

Leftovers are a gift straight from God - that I know.

I'm inspired by GRAY - I know it is sick sick sick and I probably look sick sick sick wearing it and you are sick sick sick of seeing so much of it outside as we approach the grayest of months.
But lookit!

Or even these

The names are pretty good too.

I was also inspired by 

Man refused his naming, probably a sign he's a real one. Just saying signed Alexia Tarabotti

I created this during many clusters of 10 minutes joined together, it's going to be a love banner for whomever I think needs it, you do know January is only 10 weeks away, not to mention what might come between? Just saying signed Santa Claus.
 Still in progress it is  "rough" appliqued cotton scraps on a taffeta ground. I pretty much love taffeta, so full of delightful sounds as you embroider on it. Like a symphony, all rustley and the thread sings through it, the needle is the percussion.


  1. I also love gray, it's my favorite neutral EVER! Carol Soderlund is now offering a class on just dyeing 100s of shades of grays and other neutrals that I'd love to take so I know we're not alone. From "Fierce Claw" who is trying to decide if I can afford to take your newest class on TWM and also buy a couple more yards of wool to dye for it...

    1. Laura, I think gray will be the focus of this week's dyeing column on the Welcome Mat. I don't know Carol but will look her up! I hope you join the Wandering class!
      Hooooooowwwwwwwwwllllllll signed Majestic Fire!!