Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#3 Heartful Handful Movement

Today I'm grateful for an old hambone that made dinner, nope I'm not talking about Man, I'm talking about a literal hambone, in the freezer that I used to make bean soup.

I love the way I got my summer clothes put away and my winter ones out today and because there are less of them, I no longer fear a closet explosion and smothering in the night. Culled a good few non fitters too and that felt good as well.

I just love watching all my generations of squirrels come to eat each day. Today we were joined by some big bossy crows, I love their outfits!!!

I was inspired today by this talk by Meg Jay:

Something to listen to as you create!

I made this fingerless glove which looks wonky from leaving the energy in the yarn after spinning but isn't really, it is wonderfully full of stretch and strength when sewn and doesn't twist on your hand, it's alive!


  1. wish I had that glove when I was walking yesterday in gale force winds and had to remove mine cause I couldn't return a text It looks pretty and warm

  2. Donna, I test drove these last night and they were splendidly warm. They are waiting for you when you return or maybe I'll send them with Julie. They will heal your hooking hurts.