Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Safety Pin Shibori !

I'm gingerly back in the dye pots today. My arm is a tender little pigeon wing and cannot take the fervor ( read MADNESS ) with which I formerly dyed. I do feel that this limitation has made me more creative. And that is the most welcome thing.
It is always good to explore ways to accomplish your goals and not always take the right turn because you always have.

Today I was playing in the frying pan and made some Safety Pin Shibori.
I like to really cram those pieces of wool onto the pins, creating completely undyed sections or a complete resist as it is called.
NO DYE GETS ON THERE in other words.
Most of these have been dyed with three or four dyes, I dye one side with a couple of colours, I flip the brick over and use a couple of more on the other side, then when that's all done I remove the pins and put a light wash of colour over the white places that resisted the dye. The whole piece of wool gets that treatment but the colour is so weak it doesn't influence my other colours much.

Here are the tight resist results.

And the not so tight resist results ( wool not so squished onto the pins)


  1. Wanda Dear, What on earth did you do to yoru arm???
    The wools are lovely...reminds me of many fun hours years ago dyeing silks! ~Laurie

  2. Laurie !
    My arm.. I've got two words
    Soon it will be warm enough to go without a trip to either.
    Arm will rest and heal.
    Man says , I'm not as young as I think I am.
    Visitation at the funeral home is Tuesday night.