Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Perfect Hint

When the topic of washing wool came up on The Welcome Mat, drying it followed. I hate static and as we discussed the pros and cons of fabric softener member OneRugTwoRug suggested pinning a safety pin to the wool before adding it to the dryer.
I'm not sure why this works but it really does. Not a snap, crackle or pop to be found.
Now how can I get the cats to wear a safety pin... guess l'll try wearing one myself ?
It might help some things but it won't help others ... Look at my hair !

It was time to get my shibori wool and the latest samples from my future RHM articles on the shelves. Both methods produce wrinkled wool as we heat set in the wrinkles , but oh my what wonderful wool !
I got the iron and for the first time in my life pressed my wool. Many people advocate this as they feel it makes the wool go further.
I don't really like the feel of the ironed wool, it kinda resembled construction paper, indeed it did get bigger as well as thinner. Me I like a soft hand, not a smooth one in my wool.
The Wool

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