Sunday, April 19, 2009

Winding Up The Creativity Class

At the end of a class I usually like to compose notes that tell the short story of what heard and thought ofduring the process, things we need to be reminded of and things we discovered together.
Here is that list from the Online Creativity class of '09

• Everything we do/ create we completely represent ourselves, inner and outer.
• We are all creative beings to which ever level we choose.
• Much of what we can give others and ourselves with our creativity is largely untapped
• There is nothing more exciting or wonderful than making something
• Instinct is good, action is better
• Finding new ways to do things is very rewarding
• There are languages of line and colour we speak but don't often understand, nor what we are communicating to others or ourselves through these
• We might be working to the expectations of others
• There are a million ways to express yourself
• Complexity can mask perfectionism and keep us from fulfilling our greatest desire, to be understood
• Some people want to see the water from the shore, some from the wading stand point, others dive right in, some only buy the ticket to the seashore, no worries, next time you can get a little closer.
• Be in charge of what you are making
• Try new things consistently
• Use your sense of humour
• Make the soup you want to eat or serve, it's unique in all the world
• Claim your birth right, accept your magnificence, exercise your creative spirit
• Go forth and do bad, good and amazing work because that's how it comes to us
• Lean into the wind of what's possible, let it hold you...... lean further in acceptance, now let go of expectations...... hmmm what a surprise , you are now airborne !

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