Sunday, April 19, 2009


It is my belief that every time we create something we are revealing ourselves.
Even if we are "performing" to the requirements of someone else, for instance during the execution of a commission, we are being exposed.

You might think this exposure is only the purvey of "the artiste ".
No my reader you too are being read like a book by those who care to look and analyze.

What do you have in your created collection that you think most personifies you ?
Have you ever investigated the meanings of your love for the triangle or curve ? Why you see a grey in every thing you do ?
Stopped to wonder why you think big is better or each rug you make sits like an island on it's own instead of a link in an archipelago?

Frequently people ask me if they can do rugs I've done, meaning, copy my original work.
I'm hear to tell you, anything copied loses vitality, just like that cloning movie with Michael Keaton, Multiplicity, with each replication the "copy" of himself loses something important from the effect of his whole.

So if that rug means something to me, I've conceived it, gestated it, birthed it...put all of me in it, what good will it do you ?
Better to find out about yourself , know who and what you stand for, develop a voice that is true to you. Speak your ownself out loud, than to repeat what I said about me.

When asked to be flattered this way I frequently will say, that rug is all about me and I can tell you right now you have GOT to be more interesting than I am !

I think what is at play here is a desire to possess something else, not that rug as a pattern but they see something in it, or feel something from it or perceive incorrectly they are not capable of their own meanings so they want to grasps others.

Everybody can go for the gusto... all it takes is an examined idea, fearless hooking, like Michele Micarelli says, hook like nobody is watching and the ability to create in a way that's true for you.

Everything we do reveals us anyway, hook like you mean it, chose what you want to have your audience read.
One strong focus , that's all you need, let it all hang out and flap and billow,snap and rattle, you might as well , we can see right through you anyway !

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