Saturday, March 28, 2009

NEW Wandering Recipe - Apple

Finally I'm in the dye pots, I bet you are all glad, so starved to see some COLOUR.
I think I'll refer to this winter and The GREAT STALL.

Here is the Method:
This formula is dyed over a 1/2 yd of natural wool, I used Majic Carpet Dyes.

The Method
Fill a 12 or 14 quart kettle 3/4 full with water.
Heat it.
Add a very generous handful of pickling salt. I use 1/2 cup.
Measure dye from formula line #1 into a measure cup and dissolve with boiling water then top up to one cup with cool water. ( this is making a dye solution)
Pour this solution into the pot.

Place into the pot a 1/2 yard of wool that has been pre-soaked in wetting agent (drop of plain shampoo or jet dry without bleach or synthropol.
Stir with a spoon or ruler for a few seconds. Let some wool be above the water.
Leave for 10 minutes .
Stir in 1/2 tsp. citric acid crystals.
Poke wool down with a spoon ( I use a wooden ruler) until it is submerged. Only do this once.
Wait for colour to be absorbed.

Pour solution from line #2 over the wool.
Give one swift whip of a spoon, do not stir further.
Only add acid once.
Leave for 10 minutes.

Pour solution from line #3 over wool.
Use the same stirring routine as mentioned before.
Continue repeatedly adding the dyes from each line in this way until you reach the end of the formula.
Rinse wool well and dry.

1/32 tsp. Orange ( bright )
1/32 tsp Moss green ( dull medium yellow green )
1/32 tsp Red ( a bright one )

Here it is but it is more real red than candy red as pictured. I know why red is commonly associated with the the devil. What a pain to take a picture of !


  1. Thanks for the lucious colors! I think it's interesting that you use pickling salt instead of finer uniodized salt. You have probably answered this before, but why pickling salt? Does it cause speckling and help with the mottling?

  2. Lauri,
    I use it only to make the wool float mid-pot ,like the guys laying in the Dead Sea reading the paper ! What a surprise eh ?

  3. Love this, looks like ripples in the water....the play of sunlight on water under trees