Thursday, April 23, 2009

To The Bat Mobile Robin

Shibori class is going splendidly , I've begun to provide videos to help with small things that make a big difference ! Students say it really helps ! I hope to soon pop some here for you all to see, I just want to make shorties... what would you like to see ?

There are a lot of things to do right now and there is only one of me.
I confess, I WANT A sidekick. Tonight I have to dye a yd of wool made a short video and finish tyeing on my strips, see below !
It is already 8....

Any volunteers ?

My wonderful hookers spent hook -in day here tying 7 dyed wool samples onto over 300 pamphlets to put in the swag bag at the OHCG annual show. Bless them, it had taken almost 4 hours to fold them and punch holes in them to hold the samples.
They really helped me out, thank you ladies !

Hook happily my friends, I must go slave.

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