Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I like the Quiet/ Creativity Class

I really think we could all do with a little more quiet time.
It seems there is always something on..... activity, noise, something to do or go to.
Have you ever thought about having a stimulation vacation ?
Just close your eyes and be.

Try it. It's good for you. It is good to allow room for new ideas to come.

If these types of hints for creativity are interesting to you perhaps you would like to join my online class at The WandaWay Studio.
If so let me know.
Here is a blurb about it.

I've set up a wonderful virtual studio, The Wanda Way, for us to take online classes for those interested. I've done this many times and the results of the classes generally prove to be better than live and in person ones. You can do things at your own pace when you are ready.
The first class is set to start next Monday March 9. There are two lessons in this class, the subject is creativity, finding it, exercising it , applying it. You will have one month to do the homework, hooking is not involved unless you want it to be .....
If you think this sounds like something you want to try and you want to join us just write me a note @
If you have already signed up , I can hardly wait for us to get started, look for a teaser on Friday !

More Online Class Info:

Our Topic:
Creativity - what is it, how to get more of it , how to apply it.
This helps in all avenues of our lives, from problem solving to cooking, including our hooking.

I started a new network called The Wanda Way Studio, it is private, only students will take part.
You will sign up to it from an invitation from me.

Monday, March 9 I send out the first lesson by posting in on The Main Page of The Studio. You go online when you feel like it. If I decide we need a chat you can come on during that time or give it pass.
You have a good two weeks before I post the next lesson. You will be a student in this class for at least a month.

How Much ?
$30 total , $15 per each lesson

How to Pay ?
I like to use paypal, but we can do other arrangements if necessary. I will send a paypal invoice to you if that what you want.

What part does the student play ?
Send me a blatant letter to saying I want it ! I need blunt direction. I'll send you a pay pal invoice and then, an invitation to  join the Wanda Way Studio.
You open the first lesson, you read it, you read it again if you need to, you think about it, you do the homework I outline with stuff you have on hand.
You send it in with pictures if needed. You do it when you feel like it. You interact and speak to your fellow students  just as though you are in a real studio. You talk about your work you done in class and comment on the wonderful things we've all done if you please.

What part does the Teacher play ?
I make the lesson, I support it with all manner of visuals. I set up a chat time for us to talk about it. I comment on your homework if you wish, I provide support and stimulation. I provide mind stretching.

Join us if you dare!

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