Wednesday, March 18, 2009

KoolAid dyeing/ Testing For light Fastness- a simple one

It seems like a good idea at the time, you can try dyeing without the cost of expensive dyes. But there is a problem about longevity.
I've have not had good light fastness with koolaid dyeing.
As a matter of fact it has been abysmal - fuschia , blue, violet green, yellow is now back to natural.
For a good light fastness test pull out a strip of wool from a rug where you can easily replace it.
Does the strip look striped, are the high points lighter ?
You got fade....
All rugs more than a year old that are out in the open ( not rolled in a closet) have it, but we can control to what degree by using good dyes.


  1. Really? I have wool yarn, not a rug that I kool aid dyed about 2 years ago and it is still vibrant. It is stored on wire shelves in my TV room? It doesn't appear to have faded at all??

  2. Hi Schizo !
    Is there natural light in your TV room ?
    Because that is what makes things fade. All dyed things fade. It is the rate of fading that is controllable by what we choose to dye with.
    Anxious to hear more about your experience.

  3. Actually - no, there is no natural light. A lot of artificial light as it is the game room, tv room, sewing/hooking and exercise room. But in the basement with one 'tiny' very dirty window up high.
    Thanks for the insight!