Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog Flog & American Artist "Drawing"

I am being very bad about posting on my blog this month, I almost need to set up a daily date to do so. One thing blogs need is fodder and I have not been doing much in the making department. My purse still lays as it was, I haven't really dyed anything of import. A few adjustments to people's wool here and there but nothing serious. I am doing lots of work on The Welcome Mat though and that's a good thing.

Occasionally I do like to buy art magazines, I have a few subscriptions, Quilting Arts , Belle Armoire and Fiber Arts. I find these good for inspiration and for hearing news about things of interest to me.
In the latest issue of Fiber Arts is a recommendation for a publication by American Artist, Drawing.This winter issue is on sale until May, so you still have time to seek it out.
It features an article about the importance of drawing in the fiber arts.
Also , how to get more than a mere likeness in portraits splendidly examining an array of styles.

Happy hooking !

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  1. I see 'fodder' as grass. I see dead grass, baby sprout grass, tall grass, and freshly cut grass.
    All of these cn make for a beautiful Spring and Summer yard, before the dead of winter sets in.
    Why should a Blog be any different! Everything needs a rest to be renewed. It's difficult for some of us humans to allow the "rests" in between.....kinda like a music score!