Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Old Recipe - New Method

Daughters of Darkness

Yesterday I needed dark yellow and blue greens, VERY DARK.
I had every available element and outlet occupied.
I decided I would dye in the oven as well and try some of my very dark recipes.

I dyed 1/2 yd of natural in the spot dye method but I mixed all the dye colours in the solution as though I was going to do a straight up dye bath.

Instead I poured it over the wool, mashed it up until I felt dye covered everything nd popped it in the oven.

The results were spectacular.
Will post picture later.
Here are the RHM recipes I used so I wouldn't have to type them out for you or try to remember what I did !!! LOL

1 tsp. Brilliant Green
1 tsp. Black

1 tsp. Black
2 tsp. Yellow

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