Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have had several days, perhaps it's weeks now, of intensive dyeing.
Two things come to mind.
#1 It's damn hard to think of colours to create.
One of yesterday's task was to fix up the blue green pile which is customarily about 3 ft high. It was down to about 2 feet.
I look through the pile to determine if any of the colours are duds and to see what I'm missing in the value and saturation department as well as warm and cool.

I redye the duds. Fill in the missing blanks. And frankly I do this for me, to change my view of the wool, I get tired of looking at the same old stuff. Also it helps me to better help in the colour planning of client's rugs.
So as I'm doing this I find I'm blank minded about what I want to create. I know I need to make 6 different medium darks, and several medium lights. And I have several dyes that are blue green but I'm leery because I often create the same colours in this blue green world over and over using completely different dyes. If only I had something to look at to inspire me.

As soon as I have a moment I'm starting a visual journal for each colour. This way I can have somewhere to turn when I'm making colours.

You might be asking why I don't turn to a dye book or perhaps my own RHM recipes ?
Well.... I don't dye that way. I like to create new as I go along. This way I develop collections of colours that are "current " and don't keep rehashing the same stuff again and again stagnating myself and my client's rugs in the process.

#2 My feet hurt. Soon I will be of them for Wednesday and Thursday as I finish off some rugs for display in my booth.

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