Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dyeing Reds

Yesterday I was dyeing a bevy of beautiful reds for RHM. I was surprised to note the rising of my blood pressure and a mild anger forming.
Hmm could the old colour and mood influence be true or am I just a crotchety old dyer ?
As more evidence in the case, I was promptly relieved when I discovered a 1/4 yd of orange and 1/4 yd of yellow plaid wool left over and dyed them turquoise. I actually felt the stress leave my shoulders, I took a deep breath when I saw it begin to take
up .....
Do you think I should ask for stress pay ?

I had a red dye mislabeled by the factory that did cause me some heartache so all the tension might not be from the immersion in colour red only.

When dyeing reds you need quite a bit of dye, over a quarter yd. upwards of 1/8th tsps or more. The reds can be very garish too, try tempering them with 1/32 yellow green , blue green or black for interesting depth, or dye reds over already red wool or yellow, orange or fuschia wool or light green or blue green or violet or tan...... heck you can dye reds over anything !!!

Go for Broke !


  1. I find this article so encouraging--I'm getting out my oranges, reds, fuschias and violets to put in a stew pot with bright red. I also have some garish yellow plaid--what turqoise and how much did you use for 1/4 yard??

  2. Hi Christine ,
    I used Majic carpet Turquoise and I dyed over 1/2 total as I also dyed over a 1/4 yd of orange too.
    I used about 1/8th tsp.

    Happy Dyeing !