Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dyed Nylons Today

Wow !
I've even impressed myself, I dyed over 50 lbs of nylons today. My feet are killing me though....

One beautiful combo use the equal ratio
Military , emerald and dark green from Aljo dyes
Spot dye or pour over wool in dye bath, one at a time.


Blue,Turquoise and Blue Violet, Majic Carpet dyes

Noticed :
One interesting thing about dyeing these is the rate at which they absorb the different colour contents of the dye.
I used a vast amount , about 1/2 tsp of PC 503, threw in the nylons , about 7 and left them, when I returned the water was pure strange yellow and the nylons were a dull dark NAVY !!!

Also Avocado about 1 tsp , in a dye bath yielded me about 4 terrific different greens as I added nylons as the dye was absorbing.

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