Sunday, April 6, 2008

Getting Organized

Sometimes it takes quite a bit to get organized but once you do the steps you are on maintenance.
I hired someone to keep me on top of tasks because I'm easily distracted.....oh look at that pretty blinking line running ahead while I type, don't you love the sound typing makes, I'm hungry.....
you get the picture.
I am highly organized while I workcreate ( dye, make, hook) and when I workinspire (teach) but when I do workmath or workwhen am I supposed to be there and workwhat is my subject ? things can get a bit slippery if I'm highly involved in the first two.

But I don't feel the least bit worried about this. I would rather have my free mind to engage in acts of expansive and creative thinking on a big scale than worry about my daily minutiae. Nothing wrong with hiring a go getter to do the things they love that help you and help them as well.
It is very enjoyable for me to feel the support of the "committee" as we work solving and examining possibilities.

Long ago I was a clothing designer and I had little kids. Surprisingly they often wanted to eat. I often didn't want to switch off my create to cook or even think about what to cook.
I took 60 minutes of my time and created a list of 20 things I could make for dinner and a coordinating grocery list on the computer.
14 years later I still consult those lists. The relief I feel at knowing it's there to rescue me if I need it is HEAVEN. You can build you own support committee by figuring out what will ease your day and reduce stress and getting helpers ( human or otherwise )

Ask for help
Don't suffer
Be realistic
Be good to yourself, who else knows what you really want and need ?

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  1. Organize!!! hahaha...I don't know the meaning of that word....I think if I started with Discipline then being better organized might follow along naturally. Maybe.
    I need to stop darting off 10 different directions for a start...right after I check out