Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am on a Lonely Road and I'm Travelling Travelling Travelling

Well, not so lonely as I 'm travelling with my daughter Thea
After a few narrow misses of nearly forgotten passport and missing night wear and several parodies of the moving out scene in The Jerk , ALL I NEEED IS THIS ___________ and cramming yet one more item into the car...... we hit the road.
All was completely uneventful. We had a great lunch when we arrived in Thea's other home and I spent several delicious hours looking every where in Chapters while she did work and other stuff.

It was so nice to spend all that time in the book store because I'm only in one about twice a year and on the way somewhere else and always in a hurry usually.

Here's what I found:
Style Statement- this book promises to or rather invites you to make more powerful personal choices, to communicate all you are in all you do.

Paul Klee Painting Music. This book show cases the work of the artist Paul Klee. My friend christine compelled me to look closer at his work. I'm deeply interested in the shapes and layers of it all. COLOUR WORKED WITH COMPLEXITY

Julia Cameron's How to Avoid Making Art
This is a tongue in cheek look in cartoons on how we keep ourselves from DOING OUR STUFF.
For instance. Take every phone call. Or Complain about not having money for supplies as you gulp down expensive coffees with friends...

Jokes every man should know.

Magazin art

Cloth Paper scissors Studios

Celtic Messages because I like the little pictures on them and they used a repeated palette which I love to demonstrate what is possible with a few colours.

Soul by Tobsha Learner

And an Oprah Magazine.

I also went and visited the mysterious gypsy " the Tattooed Lady" in her glittering tower while in London. Yes, picture that. The views were lovely.
No hooking , picture taking or dyeing was done today.

More tomorrow !

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