Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Free Online Class on The Welcome Mat starts today!

We want you to join us in our annual online class. This year we will hook the Spirit Owl. Tell your friends the fantastic news, an interactive teaching class, the pattern and the Welcome Mat for a whole year, only  $30.00.  Spread the word !  Go to The Welcome Mat  to join us!

Here is the introduction for a little taste of what's to come.

Welcome to this free annual online class Welcome Mat members.
I'm happy you have decided to join us and will be hooking this splendid little owl.
You prefer to just observe?
That is fine as well. We also love cheer leaders.
This class is about hooking this specified pattern which is free to all Welcome Mat members for their own personal use. If you know someone who admires what you are making please direct them to our wonderful Welcome Mat site!
We will cover several ideas pertaining to this pattern which you will find helpful as you hook other things in your future.
I treat this class as I do any other. I have things to impart, pick them up as you deem fit, have fun and tell me specifically if you want to have teaching, ie, hear what might be done to improve or reach your own stated goals.
To participate:  Look for my announcement of lessons posted on the Main Page.
Once you read the lesson a couple of times get in there and get it done!
I've hooked and taught this owl and recognize the pitfalls.
Ask me as many questions as you like about each lesson.
If you feel like it and I hope you do, you can send in photos to the class for help or as your homework or to show others how you are doing. 
When you reply, simply reply to the lesson most pertinent.
Encourage others, support me in my teachings and talk about your experience as you hook this project in your replies, all comments are welcomed as long as they are respectful.
It is just like a normal hooking class except it lasts all month!
Our first lesson will be about the pattern transfer, picking our wool and testing our colour choices and will be presented later today.
Looking forward to seeing a whole grand flock of spirited owls!

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