Thursday, February 27, 2014

5 things that will make you a better rug hooker

Use the following as required, expect to see blossoming in one or two minutes:

Don't rely on instruction or the object of your hooking as hooked by others. Look look look at the object itself. What parts come together to make it look like itself? Now look at the way artists of other mediums used colour to create this object because as a whole we are piss poor colourists no matter what people tell you.

In the beginning think of the whole work
You are dealing with a complex array of decisions, work the big ones out before you start. What is it, where is it placed, when is this taking place, how big, what cuts, where will I get colour, what are my main colors, what is the mood and style?

Don't fall in love with your work
If you do you will not see its shortcomings, this will inhibit your growth. No matter how expert there is room for growth.

Make something more than once
We only light on a object for a brief time, it has much more to tell us, give it opportunity.

Carry what knowledge you accumulate forward to the next work.

Do not rely upon the collective rules of rug hooking, nor what you read or are told. Ask why, if there is no good answer, don't do it. Seek your own answers by looking.

There are innovators, imitators and lastly theives. You will fit into one of these categories more than another. Innovators think and do things in new ways, imitators act and quickly follow these good ideas, thieves take an innovation, call it something new and tell us they invented it.
To tell when you are in the presence of a big T look for work that does not live up to the talk. Follow them if you like but they are as satisfying as a hollow Easter bunny, nothing to bite into!
We are all some mix of all three.

Pick up your hook and frame and make anything, make ugly, pretty, sad, happy , good and bad. Make and Make again what is true for you.

Don't look for accolades. You must know when you feel you did well, what other people say or not should not stop you. Now go say something nice to others about their work, it helps make you a better looker and a bigger person, put out what you want back.

Look for your own heart and to your own life and your skill set for expression of your own style. You don't need to do what the bishops, queens and kings are doing, this makes you their pawns.

Let go of old shit, it just doesn't work when you are dancing your heart out to be carrying a big old sack of dung, so heavy and useless. You need fertilizer of a different sort.

Keep your inspiration and love tank topped up.

Look after your body and your time wisely.

Learn to count.

This has been brought to you hot and fresh from the Our Daily Bread Forum on The Welcome Mat, where all good hookers go to grow. Plenty of high grade fertilizer made just for you. What are you waiting for? Join us!

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  1. What a wonderful way to look at rug hooking. I have struggled with finding my own "way" when it comes to colors, especially colors, since my first rug hooking experience in a primitive rug hooking class some 10+ years ago. I have finally come to accept and yes, appreciate, my own style of primitive rug hooking. Sometimes you have to break free of classes and go off on your own because who really wants to let someone else dictate how you hook? Great article.