Sunday, February 23, 2014

Making Stuff

Yup I'm still doing it... my Jan. Journal.
I'm dogged if nothing else.

 I really like seeing photos of my rugs in progress to help me on my way .... you can see when things are working or not. In a simple attempt to create logo placement for Target I've compromised my very soul
Out it will come. I do like the bottom one though and will continue on dotting and such in the background. 
I think I want to create some glow so I'll dye a new green better yet  I'll just over dye some of the ones I'm using with yellow.

Also knitting this:

Dyed this mohair :

Generally letting messes lay where they're made.  It's a skill

I've been teaching on some great subjects on the Welcome Mat are you missing out?
 •how to create more dimension using planes
 •great examinations of artwork to look for ways we can do better hooking and over come problems we run into.  
•brave hookers asked how the piece they are working on might be improved, we learn so much when this happens. 
We're about to study three orange dyes rug hookers own and how they compare to each other and a video on the great technique of padding is coming your way this coming week.

So much great info with a live studio feel.
Did your subscription lapse? Just sign in to activate it! 
Been a while? Just sign up again
We're waiting for you !

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