Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Start of Something Beautiful

I love to solve problems.
One of the basic difficulties we have as dyers? There is no comparison charts or help for getting similar colours from different dye brands.

This week I'm introducing a new set of dyeing articles on The Welcome Mat.
This is all part of the regular Welcome Mat subscription for a mere $30 a year. (8¢ a day!)

It's called Colour Craft
Each month I'll be concentrating on a colour from the 12 stations of the colour wheel.
January is Yellow. Bring on the sun and the heat!

I've dyed yellow with the three companies and better yet I'll describe to you in great length what you can do with your yellow, how one yellow dye compares to the other and what you can do to get similar coloration no matter which dyes you use. I'll even be including tips on hooking with the focus colour common pitfalls and solves with colour planning.

Join us now!

If you are already a member look in our Dyeing To Know for Colour Craft

Here are a few things we are talking about on The Mat this week:
• the fine points on letters and other objects and how to hook them
• how to hook wind
• dyeing turquoise
• artist Anne Savage

And it is only Wednesday!

Here are the dyes I'm using for all my dyeing writing now as well as all the Majic Carpet dyes:

I hope you have one group ( or more ) of these because 
you are going to need them!

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