Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hooking Olympics

See these beautiful turn of the century hooked rings? I love the way the striped background plays the off and on trick so aptly.

In a few days, Feb.6th, we are hosting our own games, The Hooking Olympics on The Welcome Mat.
There is only one event and that is finishing what is undone.
Yup at the Welcome Mat it doesn't matter where you place as long as you finish.
At least for the duration of the Olympics.
Use the time you are watching those splendid athletes getting one or a few of the great unfinished wound up.

Imagine the multitude of benefits - exercise, hands busy ( not in the cookie jar) , hearts happy and minds and spirits pleased to have the creating honoured by completion. February will pass in a blink and you will have a gold medal when it is all hooked, sewn, labelled and done.

Some of us have a hard time when we get stuck.
Some of us only like hooking, not the finishing process.
Could that be you?

Be brave, be bold, be done!
That's our Olympic motto.

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