Monday, December 10, 2012

Make Something Everyday Ten

Tonight I present sunshine in a pan - WOW It cheered me up all afternoon.
My dear friend Marilyn sent me a little nudge and I love a little nudge!
She suggested I make the colours from a bouquet pictured and then design a rug to suit them. 
I'll be making a stylized Christmas Rose for The Mat's free December rug hooking pattern and have these formulas for the colours to go with it.
I made the colours today with an extra thrown in for background.

As usual my camera barely differentiates between red orange, red violet, red and orange.
 But I see the colours in the magazine page have acted the same.
This is due to my camera sensors not being sensitive enough.
I've learned to scan hot colours in when I'm doing articles for RHM

Here I used the flash washed out the cool colours but you can see the warm, each colour will be separated by a line of hooking beading or a black and white Shibori piece.

Also finally I got a photo of my car:

Maybe you already know but if not green and red are my favourite colours.
 She is a beauty.

 I could have got this one but everybody has one like that.
There was really no contest.
You can see way I was so outstanding on the 403

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