Sunday, December 2, 2012

Make Something Every Day 2

I was Knighted today. Or Knotted maybe. I was declared Aimee Vaughn's personal fashion designer.
I decided to start from the top and work down.
Black  was the ordered colour but I only had charcoal.
Here is what I made with an invented pattern.
All thanks to Alicia Kay, she gave me this skill to both follow a pattern and have some ability to invent one.
There is the lacy hat, then sewn to it's brim,  a strand of intermittent circles. Then I have a flower, I know I put it on "backwards" wrong side up but I liked it better that way. The circles have embroidery in them.
It was asked to be for fashion not for warmth. 
I can't wait to see someone other than my glass witch's ball wear it.
These colours might look good on Birdee.
She said "I'm not your Barbie doll"


  1. It was just 5 months ago that we first crocheted together, and you've taken to it like a duck to water... inventing patterns already! LOVE the look of this little tam for your sweet Aimee. Gosh I wish I had MY own PFD!

  2. Thank you teach!!!
    If you lived closer I would have you so dolled up, you don't know what you've escaped....