Monday, December 3, 2012

Make Something Every Day Three

Two little hooking angels.
Mary picks one, she is my favourite too.
These are a free pattern on The Welcome Mat
I'm giving a class on them here in my studio at home, live and in person Thursday.
These are Hooking Angels, They have their bags and little woollen hooks, today I learned how to felt wool to wire - cool, that's what I used to make the hooks.
They are carrying real linen backing and wool for their patterns and of course their halos are their hoops! 
I'll continue to tart them up a bit tomorrow and make Aimee her new boots, the ones I made are too small, her feet are 4inches long and the shoe sole I made are only 3" ouch!

There is space in the class for two more if you can come, I'm making white chocolate raspberry squares...

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