Friday, December 7, 2012

Make Something Everyday 7

I made a trip today.
How can I show you that?

I did see this chair in Varney, Ont. twice.
It's a big one, I have always wondered why they choose to make a chair of the Adirondack's though?

I could show you the rubbery poached eggs I overcooked and didn't eat, the strange and creepy feeling of talking about the car you are driving like an elderly relative you are about to stash away for good while driving it.
I immediately insisted we use code - we had a long way to go and wanted only co-operation from moody metal conveyances with ears. Never talk about money in a car!!! They are greedy and will want it and will pull anything to get it.

I did not shop or get books or material or anything creatively fun.
I did single handedly make a tiny little crazy on the 403 as I followed much more experienced driver home and we were in the slow lane and the exit was 4 fast lanes away- blessedly there were not smashes, taps, bumps, grinds, blood or fire. Horns and fists shaken and guts flip flopping but ok otherwise.
My friend Denise says only crazy people drive on these roads. I'm qualified there.
Here I was driving a new car on roads I had no experience or fore knowledge of.

Oh I forgot to tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I got a car! It's pretty, not white!! Sage green with grey interior - used but barely driven, it is a beaut from Hamilton Subaru. If you are in the market ask for Roy!
I'll show you a picture tomorrow, I'll probably try to tell you I made it.
I'll tell you what I made today -  I made it home.
Such a relief I can't tell you.


  1. Crocheted seat covers next? : )

  2. Jean, they had a special one day only and I got them at the dealership, I chose Trim /Style : Granny Square! LOL!