Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Make Something Every Day Five

Today Erin came, we played.

We had a good 4 hours and a bit to devote ourselves to our lino cuts, Erin is expert, I'm a hack.
I love being a beginner at something. 
Above my subject, a pomegranate and you can see Erin's too.
Of course Man says mine looks like - a representation along the lines of Judy Chicago's most famous work. I've accepted that everything I make looks like this, really, it's okay.
Could this be about the beholder and not the creator? 

Here is a close up of Erin's cut and her printed work

Here is mine

Yes, I'll be papering the bathroom with these.
What a fun day!
Erin, Erin, do I cut away the black or do I cut away the grey, Erin what do I cut away? 
I'm leaving the black right? right?
I hope she comes back for our date next week though I would understand if she didn't.
I cut away the grey right?

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