Saturday, May 5, 2012

Make it in May Skirt Challenge

I agree Edith.
Get the clothes and you are half way there, the exercise program , the artist within, the excursion in the woods of the Bruce or the streets of San Fran Wiarton.
Here is one of my entries into the Make it in May Skirt Sew Along Challenge

Here is my Jody Pearl splice skirt #1
 Although I could see how  to make the splice skirt by looking at a photo and I'm a pattern drafter I bought Jody Pearl's pattern. It is coming all the way from Australia. I couldn't wait. It is a clever idea and it needs honoured with greenbacks. I suggest any interested do the same. I'm going to have fun flapping it up and flapping it down or not flapping at all.

 And here is a close up.
Loved the puzzle, now I'm going to make a shirt from a circle, origami!
 These triple cotton bias skirts are what I'll be wearing in lieu of jeans, they are my casual wear.
 Next up in splice ville, a plain navy, floral, madras combo


  1. I think I'm in love! I've been thinking of these skirts since I read your post yesterday. So fun - both to make (and see the reveal when finished) and to wear... :-D

  2. Oh wow it looks amazing! Thanks so much for joining in the challenge.

  3. Wow Wanda - your Splice Skirt looks amazing - what a great job you did, I'm not surprised you're planning your next.

    They're addictive - counted 12 in my wardrobe and am planning another for this winter and Cams skirt sew-along.

    Both patterns should be with you soon and I can't wait to see what you do with the Change of Heart Skirt!

    ps. one wash should eliminate any flapping.

  4. This one amazing skirt - I look forward to seeing more.
    Too fun.

  5. Wanda it is gorgeous love the colours.....

  6. Thank you all for the encouraging comments. Fortunately my local store was having a sale on cotton and I got some beautys for more splice or heart. I hope it is ok to make more than one for this challenge.
    I can see I'll be rivalling you for numbers in the closet Jody, they are so comfortable and I love the weight of the layers, no Marilyn Monroe moments!