Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Curly Pops May Skirt Sew Along Skirt 2

Here is my latest and last skirt for the Curly Pops Challenge, you can tell by the fabric that inspires me it is getting hotter and hotter here as summer draws in.

I like layers. This skirt is a sheer tencel & cotton fabric.
It is made of a bias cut underskirt and an wrap apron thingy. 
 I hated this skirt when I made it because by cutting it on the bias I made the pattern become a ladder pattern. So what to do but cover it up?

I'm greatly inspired by the movement to leave no remains when you cut something out to sew.  YES USE IT ALL UP!
When I looked at what became the underskirt and then the triangular remains ( two triangles had at 6 inch total width of the fabric remnant still attached) 
I took that end piece, hemmed it and attached apron strings.
 Then I added all the hemmed triangles, to some I added a group of pleats to as I wished. I like it.
She Dee - my dummy - looks a little stumpy but she is more wide where I'm deep.
It is a good relationship.



Backside - my favourite

Still working on the tops
 I think some strategic pleats to emphasize my best look- empire

And raise up the belt here for the same look, hmmm maybe some angled tucks on one side might be good too. Stayed tuned

Oh and best of all I kinda sorta can carry my bag now without feeling like singing Paper Roses.
It looks much more random now.

I want to leave that to Marie who I admire but I can't rock that look!
 I can't even country it!


  1. Oh, mama.....you be stylin'! I'm loving this look and wish I had enough cajoolies to care it off. I just like to blend into the background! I'm especially loving the orangey red layer with the skirt print. Keep sewing!!

  2. Apparently I need the room in there for my cajoolies according to a private letter I got today! LOL

  3. Very nicely done and the purse is fab also! Glad you are going great guns on this stuff. I will be looking for buttons this weekend for my fab redo...thanks so much again!! Between you and my new chiropractor I am a phoenix rising from the ashes!

  4. Oh wow - how lovely to see the process like that. It seems funny that we're all rugging up over here and trying to make warm winter skirts, while you're working on lovely cool flowing summery skirts!
    Thanks so much for joining in with the sew-along.

  5. Thank you Gracie!
    I'm so glad to hear you are swimming right along!

    Thank you CurlyPops! I was wondering how you all keep your knees warm! I loved the sew along and am so glad I joined in.