Friday, May 4, 2012

Looking Backwards Can Be Painful

 As I get older it is more difficult to crane around to see what is behind me!
I need to limber up or slimmer down.

It is quite wonderful how I have a naturally built in support for bustles.
Though how unfortunate to be born in a time when that isn't la hauteur de la mode ( thats for you Jean!) 

We like to fantasize about giving up our fast and furious modern times to look back but a little peek at this slideshow will be a painful reminder some things are better left behind even if I have to couture my own modern day built in bustle disguisers.

 I can't wait to make my splice skirt from my from Jody Pearl Lange pattern.
And Mary, I'm sorry but my first choice of fabrics to try is black with toonie coin size white dots, white with black scribble and lime green, a newspaper with limeade.  I'm sorry to offend your siamese sensibilities.

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