Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This Week's Whats

What's on the Dummy
 This sheer top ( somewhat askew) is part of a layering set- I'm not that brave! 
I like how it is turning out.

What's on the table
Green Mango Salad I made for Caryn and cannot stop making- easy thanks to Doneal's mandolin.

What's Impossible
Marie Osmond dropped in and made this bag while I slept. 
What's real, I did this myself while working out a pattern.

What's really real: I want to carry a bag that looks like this on it's sides: 

I guess it is time for some alchemy! I show you soon.

What's on
An amazing community of learners who source and inspire, inform and expedite.
Everything you ever wanted to see or know about rug hooking or wool work.
This week's recipes: Wanderings

What's on my frame: the ceiling. Very lofty.

 What's inspiring me.
This old tie, doesn't that sound like a great new sewing show?

 What's on my wheel:
I was showing my friend Caryn how to spin, she took hers home, she did so great! 

What's on the needles- my summer sweater is coming along.

 What's waiting to be finished - a new knarly cushion for the front bench

What's up with the household?
We got our dining room window in and the rug for the space has arrived Yippie!

Soon the whole house will be swathed in wool!


  1. mmmmm....fibre......delish!

  2. Ya know, girlfriend, if you did a satin embroidery stitch around the edge of the flowers and other prints to add a bit of texture, you might like it a little better. OOOOooooo, the new rug came! You have been a busy bee since I left. Loving my yarn - looking for a proper display dome. I feel restored between our visit and my visit to a new chiropractor. Woo hoo!

  3. Gracie, I feel a satin stitch would just make a fence around the ugly, I worked most of the day yesterday making it more me like. I will post it soon.