Monday, September 5, 2011

Thimbleless and Galore

I'm luckier than ducks to have a wonderful friend, Loretta, who is wildly creative plus inventive who makes up the best words, as well as millions of other amazing things she creates. Here is one she made up today:
And I'm not just saying that because it has my name in it. Really I'm not.

We are still defining it  but I think one of the meanings needs to be EXCESS beyond call.
Here's why.
You know I was hinting about a thimble in my last pointless blog post?
I would have killed to have this collection in my house about this time last week...

Look at them all!!

I think my skin, my real skin not my metaphorical skin is getting thin. My real skin seems to be less thick than it used to be. I can still pick up frying bacon and flip over french toast bare handed and stop the rain from falling but sharp things really get dug in without effort. It's like the sharp things are thinking, let's make a hole there and I don't even need to pick them up.
Someday I'll tell you about my gripperstrippedforearms, yup that's all one word.

Ok....As I was finishing my rug(s) ( OH MY GUARD DOG I HATE FINISHING RUGS, have I ever said that before?) I began a rhythmic habit of puncturing the edge of my swear finger with the eye of the needle about every 50 stitches or so. I couldn't or didn't stop sewing though, I had to keep on keeping on and on and on. Deadlines and all that.

Consequently I had two crevasses in my finger and I eventually joined them together the next day for a 1/2 long slice.

THROB - STING - BURN - Think Fred Flintstone hits one of his three fingers at the quarry.
Desperate searches for one of my two thimbles. And again. And yet again to no avail.
No luck for me.

Off to a wonderful quilting store Mother's  just a few blocks away.
Man swept me there in his white stallion, Forester, just so I could keep sewing those few minutes.

Only one thimble there. It was thin rubber with a metal cap.
It was about 14.00 after tax.

Nothing but the best for the customer's at Mother's and I'm so glad to be one of them.
I thought I might end up puncturing it in three seconds flat, but the tightness of it soothed my 
Madame Swearfinger so much it was worth it any price, my blessed only thimble for sale in the whole dang town.

I was very careful to only use the metal tip and did not puncture it.
BUT I'm a retro kind of girl I want a metal thimble, I also never want to be thimbleless again. Not ever. I want a thimble for every occasion and room and drawer and not those fancy pants ones, the prom dresses of the thimble world, no siree I want a workhorse.

I hopped rolled Etsy today and got not 1, 2, 3 or 4 thimbles but a total of about 10 winging their way to me as I type.

to crave and exceed more than what is possibly necessary

Do you thimble?

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